Individual lessons :

They are intended for all levels, from beginners who have never driven a motorcycle or scooter before, those preparing for the exam or who want further training.

Mandatory lessons :

You must already know how to start, change gears, brake, stop and be a minimum autonomous with your motorbike in order to be able to follow the mandatory courses correctly !
Students must complete these lessons within four months of holding a student driver’s licence.
Once these courses have been completed and the course objectives achieved, the student driver's licence is extended by one year.

picto motoA1 Licence or limited to 35kW A : 12 mandatory hours (3 x 4 hours).
picto motoFor A1 holders wishing to go to a limited 35kW : 4 mandatory hours.

Maxime will be your instructor. For a first contact or a question : or 078 890 50 38.

Candidates between 15 and 16 years old : lessons are taught separately, contact us by email and leave your contact details or by phone for any other request.

Contact informations

Place de la Gare 9
1260 Nyon


Individual lessons :

  • 50 minutes CHF 90.-

Mandatory lessons :

  • 4 hours CHF 180.-
  • 12 hours CHF 550.-

> All the required information for my motorcycle test (pdf in french)

12 mandatory hours
4 mandatory hours