Individual lessons :

They are intended for all levels, from beginners who have never driven a motorcycle or scooter before, those preparing for the exam or who want further training.

Mandatory lessons :

You must already know how to start, change gears, brake, stop and be a minimum autonomous with your motorbike in order to be able to follow the mandatory courses correctly !
Students must complete these lessons within four months of holding a student driver’s licence.
Once these courses have been completed and the course objectives achieved, the student driver's licence is extended by one year.

picto motoA1 Licence or limited to 35kW A : 12 mandatory hours (3 x 4 hours), block 1, 2 and 3 to be completed in order.
picto motoFor A1 holders wishing to go to a limited 35kW : 4 mandatory hours, block 3.

If you do not own a motorcycle for the A1 license (125cc), we have a vehicle at your disposal. See below.

Contact informations

Place de la Gare 9
1260 Nyon


Individual lessons :

  • 50 minutes CHF 90.-

Mandatory lessons :

  • 4 hours CHF 200.-
  • 12 hours CHF 600.-

Block 1
Block 2
Block 3

Other dates on request.

Motorcycle rental

Honda MSX 125

Honda MSX 125

Motorcycle available for hire only for lessons for the A1 license (125cc) and for introductory lessons.
Beware, for the A 35kw license you must complete the 12 hours lessons with a motorcycle over 125cc !
40.- for the 75 minutes introductory lesson.
For availability of the bike for blocks 1, 2 and 3, please contact me.

tél.079 214 79 05