It goes without saying that driving a motor vehicle is like taking an apprenticeship !

In order to have the best chance of success, the training should not only consist of a solid basic instruction provided by a professional, but also be supplemented by aditional kilometers of accompanied driving practice. These additional practice sessions can only be undertaken by a learner driver who is accompanied by a licensed driver of at least 23 years of age, who has held a licence in the same category of the vehicle they are driving for at least 3 years.

Note that the maximum blood alcohol level permitted for a student driver, as well as for the accompanying driver, is only 0.09g per thousand. The rate remains the same for the 3 year probationary period after the student has passed their practical test. There is also a general obligation to drive during both day and night with car lights on.

For your 2nd phase lessons, think of the Road Training Center of Savigny.

Contact informations

Place de la Gare 9
1260 Nyon



  • Insurance/registration (single fee) 90.-
  • Car practice 100.- (50mins)
  • Taxi practice 105.- (1hr)
  • Driving Exam Preparation + use of vehicle for exam 250.-
  • Trailer practice (1hr40) 230.- with your convoy (car + trailer)
  • Trailer practice (1hr15) 170.- with convoy (car + trailer) at your disposal in exam configuration
  • Trailer practice exam (2hr10) 300.- with convoy (car + trailer) at your disposal for the exam

> All the required information for my practical test with a private vehicle (pdf in french)

> Student progress card (in French)

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